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Thread: 5 weeks old and tongue-tied

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    when i can, i try and pump every three hours. she's up to eating about 4 ounces, and i'm still only getting about 2 ounces. I try to nurse her on both sides before i giver her formula, then i'll pump and try to get more out. I recently had some pains in my breasts, not my nipples, the actual breast.

    thanks everyone who's replied, it's nice to be able to talk to other mothers! :]

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    You really need to pump more often. Shoot for 8-12 times in 24 hours, with 8 being the bare minimum. If you are exclusively pumping, you must pump 120 minutes total a day.

    4 oz is a whole lot for a 5 week old baby.
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    Get the tounge tie clipped now and some hands on help with an IBCLC!
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    Definitely get it clipped now rather than later. My daughter had hers clipped around 7 weeks, super quick procedure, no anesthesia (it was painful but if they anesthetize the baby won't be able to nurse afterward).
    I agree 4 oz is a lot for that little of a baby to be drinking at one session. Can you slow down and take more frequent burp breaks or aim for about 3 oz in a bottle?
    If you're exclusively pumping, you really don't have the freedom to say "I try and pump every 3 hrs" I kept a notebook on the table with the time I pumped and how much I got and made sure 3 hrs never passed without pumping, even in the middle of the night, which meant setting an alarm for a few extra wake ups. It is hard work but I did think it was worth it since my daughter wasn't able to remove enough milk on her own.
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