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Thread: Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

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    Default Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

    I am currently tandem nursing my 3 week old ds and my 3.5 year old dd. I'm block feeding and trying to deal with oversupply. I am trying to figure out if my little one is getting enough hindmilk. His stools are sometimes:
    mostly yellow with flecks of bright green
    Mostly yellow with bright green swirled in with it
    Yellow/ dark pea green combo

    I do not think his stools are watery or frothy. I also don't think they are mucousy.

    What do you think? Does this sound like foremilk/ hindmilk imbalance stools? I am pretty stressed out about my little guy getting the right stuff. Is any amount of green or a certain shade of green sign to worry? Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Default Re: Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

    Does green poops always mean too much foremilk? No. It can indicate other issue or be entirely normal. Is foremilk/hindmilk "imbalance" even an issue all the time if it is present? No. If the only symptom is green poop, and baby is otherwise nursing happily, thriving and gaining, there is no issue. All breastmilk is good, necessary and "right."

    Sometimes the imbalance is so severe it causes painful digestion issues or inability to nurse well due tio too fast flow. Then, it's a problem, and there are many ways to help aleviate that issue. Otherwise, I really would not worry about it.

    Remember at 3 weeks you would expect supply to be "peaking" even if you were not tandem nursing. So use caution when block feeding to reduce supply this early. gotta run but the kellymom forceful letdown article has good info

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    Default Re: Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

    Green stools can be perfectly normal and no big deal. If your baby is happy, gaining weight, and generally doing well, then all is well. Foremilk/hindmilk imbalance is only a problem when it causes symptoms beyond just green poops.

    How much block feeding are you doing? I don't think the green poops themselves warrant block feeding, but if you are struggling with engorgement, etc., it might be a good idea. I mostly "block fed" by offering one breast at a time and alternating. This is a mild form of blockfeeding that works to tame mild oversupply without running much risk of reducing supply too much. And at certain times of day, I would offer both sides (like evening fussy times). Again, with block feeding, watch your baby, not the clock.

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    Default Re: Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

    What you describe doesn't sound like something you need to worry about.

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    Default Re: Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

    Thanks ladies! I do feel a bit better.
    For more of the back story: I had mean engorgment that eventually led to mastitis and my little one was very fussy at the breast, would not comfort nurse, struggled with the let down, seemed fairly fussy, and would cry hard with some of his bowel movements. He also was having stools with a few tiny streaks of bright red blood in them. These symptoms are what led me to believe I had an over supply.
    We hadn't had a bloody stool in 1.5 days, but just now I got a diaper with a red streak in it. The red streak seemed a bit darker red than before but I would still describe it as a few shades deeper than candy apple red. He has been much less fussy the past couple days and my breasts seem to be evening out a bit. I am now just giving him one breast per feeding and letting his sister nurse on the breast he just emptied.

    Any thoughts on the cause of blood in his stools? I called the ped, but they just said to cut out milk from my diet. I have not done this yet. I was wondering if the antibiotics I was on from the mastitis caused any of this. Any thoughts? Does the green stools plus the blood make you think it could be anything inparticular?

    I am not sure what his weight gain has been this past week, but for his 2 week appointment he had gained 11 oz over his birth weight.

    I really appreciate any and all advice! Thank you

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    Default Re: Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

    Blood in stool can be from oversupply/oald. Since you know you have oversupply, I suggest working on that more before eliminating dairy. Dairy allergy in breastfed baby is much more rare than oald. If you do elimiate dairy, you could see improvement within a few days but the usual reccomendation is to go 2 weeks. And certainly antibiotics could cause an issue, I would think? Makes sense. But I really do not know.

    Here is the forceful letdown article: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

    Protocol for suspected food based allergy in the breastfed infant from the Acaddemy of Breastfeeding Medicine: Beware, Lots of medical terminology. http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Pro...ish_120211.pdf

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