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Thread: Almost 3 month old

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    My daughter is about to turn 3 months Nursing has been going really well other then the fact that I cant leave her. The past few days my nipples feel like they did when she was first born. I'm sore and dont look foward to when she has to eat. Also she will not take a bottle or pacifer any advice. Thank you

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on making it to 3 months with the new baby!

    Has your baby's latch changed at all recently? Sometimes teething will cause a baby to soothe her sore gums on mom, which can cause soreness.

    If her latch hasn't changed noticeably, then you probably want to consider thrush- a yeast infection that isn't in the "usual" place- as the cause. It is a common cause of pain that crops up after months of trouble-free nursing, and often crops up after mom or baby has taken a course of antibiotics. Thrush can make you sore and cause cracks. You may see some or all of the following:
    - a vaginal yeast infection
    - a yeast diaper rash or oral thrush in the baby
    - nipples that feel chapped, chafed, itchy, or burning
    - pain after the conclusion of a feeding
    - dry, flaking, or peeling skin in the nipple area
    - nipples which appear more red/pink than usual

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    When my nipples get sore, it is almost always from a plugged duct. Do you feel any lumps or other tenderness in your breast?

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    Thank you ladies. I dont feel any lumps and it really doesnt hurt other then my nipples. And I dont think its thrush. I do have psorisis on my right nipple which has caused it to crank a little but both sides hurt so I dont think it has anything to do with it. It could be her latching on, I got those gel nursing pads so hopefully it starts to feel better. I would be very discouraged and ready to give up IF i could get her to take a bottle. Thank you again.

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    May I ask why you're dismissing the thrush possibility? Often moms and doctors assume that if they don't see the classic thrush symptoms- the pearly white patches in baby's mouth- then it's not thrush. But it's very common for one or both members of the nursing pair to have thrush without displaying classic symptoms. And because you have cracks and pain on both sides, thrush seems like an even better possibility to me.

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    I guess because I have never had it. I'm feeling much better it still hurts a little but not as much as it did last week. If it is thrush how else would i know??

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