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    hi to all mothers!

    I have successfully breastfed for 8 months after having a breast augmentation, unfortunately my breast are capsular contracted and i need to remove the current implant for another one and have a breast lift. I plan on having another child in the future and i wanted to know if its possible to breastfeed after having this procedure.


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    Breast or nipple surgery of any kind may cause milk supply or other breastfeeding issues. Breast reduction is usually much more problematic for breastfeeding than is augmentation, but I am not sure about the procedure you need.

    I suggest you familiarize yourself with the work of Diana West, an IBCLC who has been published extensively on this subject. http://bfar.org/index.shtml
    I would also suggest, after doing your research, you discuss your concerns with your surgeon, because (as I understand it and I am not expert) there may be ways to perform surgeries that will not cut as many ducts.

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    It really varies how and what procedure is done. An implant placed behind the muscle should not interfere with breast feeding. As for a breast lift, most if not all procedures require the removal and replacement of the nipple, which may affect your breasts’ milk ducts and ability to breast feed. The LeJeour procedure, an operation around the areola and down, is typical and could render you unable to breast feed. I suggest you speak to a knowledgable surgeon before deciding on either procedure, especially if you want to breast feed in the future. My surgeon, Dr. Studin, has a lot of useful information on his site: http://webplastics.com/procedure/breasts/breast-lift/

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