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Thread: Baby using me as teether -- ouch!

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    Default Baby using me as teether -- ouch!

    My 6 1/2-month-old has recently, on occasion, decided to use me as a teething implement. She has no teeth yet, but they've been "on the way" for months now. Once in a while, but with no regular schedule, she'll clamp down and pull her head back, scraping me past her gums with great force. She does that with her toys -- I've seen her clamp down and pull the toy out until it flies out of her mouth. I've tried stopping the feeding, but then she just starts babbling and smiling -- like she can't even associate the two. I've tried telling her "No" in a stern voice when I stop the feeding, but again, she can't really get it (her age, of course!). I can sometimes tell when she's going to do it and I stick my finger in to stop her, but sometimes she'll behave that way and not chomp down. Any advice? She'll do it numerous times a day and then not again for a couple days or weeks -- and sometimes randomly once in a while. Not consistent. Fearing the day the teeth come in!!!

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    Default Re: Baby using me as teether -- ouch!

    Persistence is key when dealing with biting/chopping issues. Just keep ending the feeding, saying "No bite, hurts mama!" and putting her down. Eventually she will make the connection between what she's doing and happy nursing times ending.

    You also might want to try to figure out when she's chomping. Babies often bite at the end of a feeding when they are just fooling around at the breast. You may want to be extra alert for bites at those times.

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    Default Re: Baby using me as teether -- ouch!

    I agree, just be very consistent. I would try also to be gentle about it so you don't scare her. The association should be bite=no more milk, not nurse=mommy unhappy.

    I did have the experience that my DD would bite towards the end of a feeding when she wasn't really into getting milk anymore. I had to go into high alert mode and end the feedings sooner. I hated doing that, but once the teeth were in and she wasn't biting any more, we were able to go back to letting her end the feeding on her own schedule.

    You might try talking gently to her at other times about "no teeth on mommy" and "no bite." I know she's too young to really understand, but I think it's helpful to be proactive in setting up a pattern of gently leading her from bad behavior to good. (Even though she is not being "naughty," she's just experimenting and learning, you still have a set of expectations.)

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