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Thread: Pumping for a Toddler - Do I need to? Can I stop?

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    Default Pumping for a Toddler - Do I need to? Can I stop?

    Hi everyone

    My fantastic baby girl will be 19 months old this weekend. I adore nursing her, but I do not adore pumping. I miss having breaks and lunches free to run errands or take a walk or make phone calls without my pump buzzing in the background.

    I currently work 5 days a week (full time)and typically pump 2 to 3 times while at work. I usually pump first thing in the morning before I leave for work as well.

    Recently, my milk supply has gotten much smaller I pump 2 to 3 ounces each time at work - Maybe 3 to 4 in the morning.

    I would like to stop pumping all together - or at least cut down - but I am concerned about my milk supply. I nurse Brooklyn right after work, before bed, maybe 4 times a day when I am off, and still the middle of the night occasionally. Will there still be enough milk for her if I stop pumping? How do I go about this?
    Thanks!!! Any advice is appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Pumping for a Toddler - Do I need to? Can I stop?

    19 months - you rock!

    You can safely pump wean now. Lots of mamas pump wean at 12 months and keep nursing for years. Mine is 18 months and I'm almost done with the pump, and he still chugs his milk at the breast just fine. I took it slow, pumping a little less incrementally over a few weeks to avoid clogs.

    Enjoy the freedom from the pump! It feels great!
    K. Sophia - Mama to my little lactivore, the amazing Mr. X (11/10).

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