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Thread: BFing & Supplementing - occasional diarrhea

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    Default BFing & Supplementing - occasional diarrhea

    Hello ladies,
    My baby is 4 months old now. I've been BFing (thanks to you!) and supplementing (for various reasons) almost since day one. Now she weights 5,8 kg, and she's taking some 250 ml of formula per day, via SNS. She's a happy baby, and I'm a happy mother (apart from some sleeping issues which I hope Mrs Pantley will help me solving...).
    Anyway, the thing is, my baby finally poohs almost daily (finally!), but some times has very liquid poohs, whereas other days is more like a very dense paste (and then she gets all red when she "goes to the toilet"). Is this normal? Why such a variation in the consistency? Should I be worried or something?
    Also, another thing I wanted to ask you, the nurse says I might want to start giving her rice purees. But isn't it too early? It seems to be a normal procedure where I live (Denmark), but it's not so in my homeland (Spain), where "solid" food is not introduced until the baby is around 6 months old. What is your experience?
    Thanks, as always.

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    Default Re: BFing & Supplementing - occasional diarrhea

    There's no reason to start solids now. Wait until 6 months. This link explains why: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/starti...s/solids-when/. You also do not have to start with rice cereal. It's basically pure starch with some added vitamins and minerals. Not the healthiest stuff. They often oust it on breastfed babies because a lot of health care workers are convinced that breastmilk doesn't have enough iron to sustain a baby, which isn't true and isn't relevant in your case anyway since your baby is getting some formula, which has more than enough iron. The excess iron in formula sometimes makes babies constipated, and the pooping pattern your describe- alternating between highly liquid and very dense paste- makes me wonder if your baby may have a tendency in that direction. When an older kid gets constipated, you will often see a pooping pattern of dense, dry, hard poop (hard enough to roll right off the diaper) followed by a flood of softer material. I don't think your baby has a problem now, just that it's something to keep an eye on as you introduce solids. I would start with fruits and veggies- when a baby has poop issues those are the perfect first food.

    ETA: I am so glad to see that you are still hanging in there with nursing, mama! You have done such a wonderful job.

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