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Thread: Help! Milk supply suddenly low!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommyrivers1331 View Post
    Well milk is still low comparing to what it used to be diaper counts were as follows the last 2 days: 6 wet 4 stools. I have been starting all feedings w the weaker side, and switching over to the strong side after 15 min. I can hear him actively swallow the first 5 min....and then nothing. Im pumping for about 10 min too on that side and get about an ounce or less. Right side is still strong. So i guess if left side eventually gives out i could just bf from one side lol!
    Are you sure this isn't just your supply evening out plus baby getting more efficient? Five minutes of active swallowing is a good amount. After a few months, Joe could empty a whole breast in five minutes. At that age, the number of wet diapers went down a bit too, although they would be SOPPING heavy wet (he was holding his pee for longer periods of time). Six is on the low end of normal, but still technically okay, especially if they are very wet. I think you may just be seeing your oversupply turning to a more "normal" supply.

    If you're pumping in addition to nursing, you wouldn't get a ton of milk. If you're pumping INSTEAD of nursing and getting only an ounce at this point, then I would be trying to troubleshoot. (Also, if you're pumping instead of nursing, you may need more than 10 minutes. I spent 30 minutes pumping when I was at work away from my baby, massaging my breasts practically the whole time. Pumping is a lot of work! Some women just don't respond well to the pump or their breasts get used to the pump over time.)
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    It looks like your main evidence for suspecting low supply is a reduced pump output. This is a very unreliable sign of low supply, for many reasons.

    Typically milk supply ramps up in the first 4-6 weeks, and then becomes more leveled off-to normal levels. While how much baby needs/takes will vary slightly from day to day the entire time you nurse, once milk supply is established at about a month you can expect to make about the same amount per day going forward-a 5 month old baby needs no more breastmilk per day than a one month old. So leveling off of supply is normal and desired. But at this point, many moms think they have low supply. What actually is happening is many moms make more than enough in those early weeks and then it levels off to enough milk for your baby.
    If there IS a supply issue, it has a cause. Supply does not just go away for no reason. Scheduling feedings, sleep training, unnecessary supplementing, over-use of pacifiers, going on a homone-based birth control, have all been linked to issues of low supply for some mothers. While illness and/or stress may have an effect, (usually temporary) it has to be pretty extreme to make a big difference or ongoing difference.
    The single best/easiest way to boost supply is to nurse frequently. There are other things that help too, of course, but first and foremost is to nurse frequently and, when you are separated from baby, to pump as frequently as you can with a reliable pump. (BTW-pumps can and do wear out, and that affects performance. It is often not obvious. So you may want to have your pump tested and do some basic troubleshooting before using it at work.)
    Good article on suspected low supply: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...es/low-supply/

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