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Thread: Lower weight gain than previous weeks and now so fussy

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    Default Lower weight gain than previous weeks and now so fussy

    My daughter is 9 weeks (3 weeks adjusted) and gained weight like a rockstar over the last two months. She was 4 pounds 2 ounces at her lowest in the hospital and was 8 pounds 8 ounces at her two month check up on Friday, 4/27. She got her first round of vaccines then, and was not at all into nursing for 3 days after, so she lost about 2 ounces (I have a nursing scale at home). I pumped to keep up my supply, so that's likely not an issue. One week after her appointment she only gained 5 total ounces, whereas she used to gain about 10 ounces a week.

    She went from nursing about every 3-4 hours and filling herself up and seeming very content after a feed to nursing now every 1.5-2 hours and doing more "snacking" type feeds. If she pulls off the breast she will NOT re-latch no matter what I do, and will start screaming for the next 30 or so minutes until she exhausts herself, falls asleep, and then wakes up an hour later to start the cycle over. She wets 6 diapers and has about 2 poops a day.

    What is she doing? Why the change in nursing behavior and the less-than-stellar gain over the last week. What happened to my nursing super star? I'm going back to work in 3 weeks and this has me very nervous.

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    Default Re: Lower weight gain than previous weeks and now so fussy

    4-7 oz per week is a normal weight gain you may be used to more, but my guess is that her weight gain will ebb and flow for numerous reasons. Cluster feeding as you described could be due to several things, like growth spurt. 3 weeks is a prime growth spurt! As is 6 weeks. As ling as her diaper out put remains good it means she is getting enough BM. 6 wets per 24 hour period. Try not to watch the scale too obsessively, watch your baby, feed on demand and trust your body and her feeding cues. Sounds like you are fine...you got this mama!
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    Default Re: Lower weight gain than previous weeks and now so fussy

    It can be unnerving when baby changes things up but nothing here sounds abnormal. Less poops, shorter nursing times-that is very typical at this age. As far as nursing more frequently, that is also normal, and actually the 3-4 hour spacing before would be the more atypical pattern.

    It is normal for weight gain to vary. She was very small early on and had some catching up to do, which it sounds like she (and you) accomplished right quick! She doubled her weight in 2 months-amazing. 5 ounces is a perfectly respectable one week weight gain.

    The only behavior that concerns me at all is the screaming and refusing to nurse. If that is happening lots, it could be signs of reflux, forceful letdown, or something. It could be just a fussy baby stage, but I would keep an eye on that.

    Babies pick up on momma's mood. Many moms have anxiety when the return to work is coming. If this is you, I suggest you remember it is NORMAL to feel this way, most moms have some anxiety when leaving baby to return to work, nursing or not. There are things you can do to reduce your stress. What that will be will depend on you and your circumstances, but for some moms it is having a freezer stash, or having a firm workable plan to getting enough pumping space/time, feeling confident in your caregiver, that they will be supportive of breastfeeding, etc. I am sure many moms will have suggestions for easing this transition if you like, and the website has lots of articles as well.

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