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    I think it depends on how your hormones were to begin with. For example, my friend has a short luteal phase and has a great deal of difficulty getting pregnant. Her hormones are out of wack basically. And her AF come back very quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*emommy706 View Post
    Hey Mamas..
    Curious to know when ya'll got your AF back! I have been BF on demand and my son is 10 months old and THANK G-D still no AF....just wondering if this is normal and wondering how much longer it will go on for...

    thanks for your input!
    My DD is 7.5 months, I've been back to work for about 1.5 months and no AF yet, though I feel like it might be coming back soon.

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    I got mine back 12 weeks PPD. It disappeared again around 6 months and at a year due to increased night wakings because of teeth.

    Way too lazy for formula

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