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Thread: That. Was. Wonderful!

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    Smile That. Was. Wonderful!

    Today is the second-to-last day of school and I've been running low on pumping milk for the sitter. I had two to give her today but DH took the baby so on my prep hour I ran it out to her, a 12-mi round trip. I got there in enough time to sit and nurse my sweet sweet DD and then play with her for a while!

    Next year I have lunch and my prep hour all in the same time frame, so I'll have nearly an hour and a half off at once. I bet I could pump on the way out there, nurse her, then pump on the way back and still have time to work on my prep! At least some of the time I could do it. I am so happY!

    And tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Summer and nursing, here we come!!

    Proud mommy of 2 boys and a baby girl!

    DS Owen, DOB 10/28/6, 6 lb 4oz, adopted from Guatemala, home forever 8/1/6 (we met him at 4w old! Mommy lived w/him in Guatemala from 5/28/6 till he came home!)

    DS Ian, DOB 8/6/8 via C-sec., 9 lb!
    BF for 22 mo.

    DD born via vbac 11/25/11!

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    Default Re: That. Was. Wonderful!

    the good part of nursing as a teacher
    DS1 6/7/11
    DS2 10/29/13

    Nursing, pumping, cloth-diapering, babywearing, working professor mama with the awesomest SAHD ever.

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    Default Re: That. Was. Wonderful!

    Fabulous job, mama! Enjoy your summer break.

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