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Thread: quick survey

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    Default quick survey

    Hey Mamas..
    Curious to know when ya'll got your AF back! I have been BF on demand and my son is 10 months old and THANK G-D still no AF....just wondering if this is normal and wondering how much longer it will go on for...

    thanks for your input!

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    i got it around 13 or 14 months pp i think.
    its normal to not get it back for quite awhile. when it does start up it can be irregular (really short and really long cycles) and thats also normal. once i had a 64 day long cycle so keep an eye out for that.
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    8 months with DD1 and 12(ish) months with DD2. I never really got AF back with DD2 - I just got pregnant on what should have been my first cycle. I think 12-14 months is considered pretty average for the exclusively breastfed baby. Even once solids are introduced if your son is still a hearty nurser 12+ months is normal. Unless of course you have other concerns about why it may have not returned - then I would talk them over with your healthcare provider. Otherwise, enjoy the break!

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    Average is 15.5 months.

    Mine has come back at 12 months to getting pregnant at 16 months with no AF. Even with pumping exclusively this fourth baby, I didn't get it back until just 6 weeks ago.
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    Eight weeks. Yeah, that's right - weeks.

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    About 6 months. I worked part time so I was pumping some.

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    14 months and 11 months
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    15 months. I pump weaned at 12 months, so I was no longer pumping at work. I wonder if AF might have held off longer if I had continued pumping or been nursing him all day.

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    4 months, 3 months, and 9 months. And when it came back it was almost perfectly 28 days, like clockwork.
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    I started on the mini pill after a couple weeks PP with my first two babies. But this time around, it took me a while to get around to picking up the prescription. I had a little bit of stabbing pain shortly after I stopped PP bleeding, and thought "no way can I be ovulating yet!" and I tried to ignore the possibility. However, two weeks later-- and just two days after finally starting on the mini pill-- I had a full-blown period. Guess it's a good thing I took the mini pill after my other babies, or I might have ended up with these boys a whole lot closer together!

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