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Thread: Overactive supply at night!

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    I have a 3-month-old who is just starting to sleep over 9 hours at night (hallelujah!). However, my milk supply has not yet gotten the message to slow down production while she's sleeping, so I awaken after 6-7 hours needing desperately to pump, but only on one side. I have had too much milk on the right side fairly consistently throughout the nursing process, but we've gotten the hang of it during the daytime. Any suggestions for how to either decrease my nighttime supply or ?? I'd love input; thanks!

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    Time will take care of the problem. But if you're unbearably uncomfortable, hand-express just enough to restore comfort, leaving the ready quite full. That will allow your supply in that breast to decrease, albeit at a slower rate than if you just put up with the situation. The one thing you don't want to do is to pump to emptiness in the night- that will just perpetuate the problem.

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    I just bought these shells: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index...ductId=2403352
    I find them to be comfortable, I am a 40C, I've heard they aren't comfortable if much larger.

    You could wear while your sleeping in a snug sleep bra and it would provide enough gentle pressure to release some of the milk. They would probably leak a little bit at night, but releive the pain. I don't get engorged when I wear them.

    Just an idea :-)

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