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Thread: pumping/nursing question

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    Default pumping/nursing question

    Hi! I have a 10 month old baby boy who nurses like a champ. I recently started going back to school for full 8 hour days 2 times a week. DS is taking solids really well so the babysitter offers milk in between meals/after naps. I know when I am home he nurses a bunch of times and takes a lot more than when I'm not home so should I be worried he is only taking between 10-12 ounces in those 8 hours? He also takes a few ounces of cool water if the babysitter is out at the park.

    Additionally, I pump 2 times while I'm gone and I get about 7-9 ounces in 10 minutes...this is just enough to relieve the fullness and discomfort but I get between 14-18 ounces which is substantially more than what he takes. Should I pump out less? I'm worried my supply will drop...I am gone only 2 non-consecutive days so he definitely nurses a lot when I'm home the rest of the week.

    I truly believe milk should be the primary form of nutrition until 12 months of age so i want to do the best for him but i DONT believe in starving a child into taking milk...I should add that he drinks out of a regular (not sippy) cup and has never taken a bottle or paci.

    He is growing well/gaining weight and reaching all his developmental milestones so no worries there...I guess i just want to make sure that its ok that he is getting less milk while im gone especially because he has cut out all his night nursings.


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    Normal is 1 to 1.5 oz of milk per separation for baby to take. So the amount is normal.

    As far as the pumping goes, that is OK too. Watch and make sure it doesn't cause a problem for your baby, but I doubt it will. Save the extra and use it in his solids or something.
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