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Thread: 5 days postpartum..confused...frustrated!

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    Default 5 days postpartum..confused...frustrated!

    I had my son 5 days ago today. We tried breastfeeding immediately after delivery. He did latch but no nursing. Spent 3 days in the hospital trying to get him to nurse every 2 hours. I was only able to get him to latch a few times and as soon as he did he would fall asleep and NOTHING would wake him. 4 different nurses worked with me and all said I was doing everything right, baby was just too drowsy to cooperate. By the time we were about to leave the hospital his blood sugar was the absolute lowest on the scale of normal and bili level was very high. The only way we could go home was to supplement with formula using a syringe.

    Once home, I have been offering the breast every 2 hours or whenever he starts showing hunger cues. I try to get him to latch/nurse for about 20 minutes. Usually he gets frustrated and starts screaming and thrashing. If he doesn't nurse (which he has only done once) then I feed formula with a syringe. I have been pumping every 2-3 hours and started adding this to the formula. However, I am only getting less than 30ml every time I pump. I have tried every hold imaginable. The only thing that somewhat works is the reclining hold.

    Usually I can never get him to latch. He will take the nipple in his mouth and suck around a little. Then he usually starts screaming, flailing, arching his back and pushing away with his hands. I broke down and bought a nipple shield since the nurses at the hospital all said my nipples were pretty flat. We have had more success latching with the shield but still no nursing. I have been able to get him to latch/nurse for about 10minutes twice now. I am not sure however that he actually got anything since I can't say I saw him swallowing.

    Last night I broke down and gave him a bottle out of sheer exhaustion/frustration. Feeding him is an 2 hour ordeal without and this allowed dad to feed for me while I got a second to breathe.

    His first check-up was today. He has gained 3oz since discharge. The doctor was still a bit concerned about his weight 5.6 but encouraged me to continue attempting nursing. Today he has been extremely fussy. He wants nothing to do with the breast. Everytime we bottle feed he acts like he could eat for hours. Currently he is eating about 2oz of formula/breast milk every 2-3 hours. I am trying to do skin-to-skin and put him to the breast as much as possible, it just breaks my heart when he screams and pushes away from me!

    What else should I try at this point? Is it still too early for me to expect things to come together? Will my milk supply start to increase soon? On another note, I tried to give him plain breast milk today and he would not have any part in it. He screamed, pulled away from me and spit it out!

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    Default Re: 5 days postpartum..confused...frustrated!

    It sounds like you could use some hands-on help. This link has information on finding a IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Even if you have to pay for it out of pocket, it will be cheaper than formula feeding.

    You can do this. My oldest struggled with latching for almost a week, but then finally got it and it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. Breastfeeding can often be hard at the beginning.
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    Default Re: 5 days postpartum..confused...frustrated!

    You need an IBCLC to help with the latch.

    For the pumping, what kind of pump are you using, and are your horns the right size?
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    Default Re: 5 days postpartum..confused...frustrated!

    IBCLC. And please don't beat yourself up, mama! What you are going through is one of the most frustrating experiences a new mom can have. Non-latching babies are very difficult!

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