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Thread: Explaining weaning to older children

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    Default Explaining weaning to older children

    It seems to me that most people encourage weaning by the time children are 4 plus

    so i wonder what sort of conversations you had with your children as to why they need to stop when they love that connection so much and don't understand why they would need to stop!!??



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    Default Re: Explaining weaning to older children

    "Mommy's tatas/boobs/breasts/whatevers are getting tired. They need a rest." My older daughter understood that pretty well even at age 2-3.

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    Default Re: Explaining weaning to older children

    With both my DDs we started talking about stopping about 6 months or so before actually doing it. They were both down to nursing 1-2 times per day on their own and would sometimes go a couple of days without.
    We talked about how they were getting older and going to preschool, and about all the foods and drinks they could have now and how there would still be lots of ways to have special time together. Stuff like that.
    DD1's last nursing day was her 4th birthday. DD2 and I planned on the same but my milk dried up earlier due to pregnancy.


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