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Thread: Pump 100% of breastmilk feed w bottle.. and green stools!!!?

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    Default Pump 100% of breastmilk feed w bottle.. and green stools!!!?

    So I'm slightly panicking!! Ok.. actually really quite stressed out!!! So I have solely pumped 100% of my breastmilk for my 3 month old since birth. He was a preemie and had trouble latching so we took to just giving him bottles of breastmilk and have stuck with it. He is really quite a happy baby.. gaining weight quite well eats 100 ml give or take every 3 to 4 hours. He sleeps 11 or so hours at night and only wakes up for a feed once and is always satisfied. I pump completely everything out of both breasts for each feed and really don't have an over abundance of milk.. it always seems to be just enough for one feeding. The problem is I was just reading about green stools.. I had thought they were normal for a breast fed baby but apparently not???!!! He has had green stools since I can remember.. green mucousy stools maybe once a day. He is slightly gassy as well. I feel horrible.. I thought I was doing the best for him by giving him breastmilk but now I'm worried I'm doing more harm than good!! I've been giving him bottles so long I really don't think there will be any way to get him on the breast. Can someone help??

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    Default Re: Pump 100% of breastmilk feed w bottle.. and green stools

    Green stools can be normal. If that is all your baby has ever done, with no other issues, it is probably fine. Gas is entirely normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. And you are most certainly doing your best for him! Wow. Eping is really hard! There is no way in the world you are doing more harm than good-even when there really IS an issue with breastmilk (food allergies, overactive letdown) it is still waaaay best for baby to continue to get breastmilk. Who scared you about green stools?

    One thing I am not quite understanding is how much breastmilk total baby is getting. It seems like there would not be enough feedings a day as you describe it, but that is likely a math problem on my part...so I convert 100 mils into a little less than 3 and a half ounces...can you tell me how many bottles a 24 hours day is he getting, how many total ounces? How has weight gain been?
    Oh, and if you DID want to try to feed at the breast-that can be done. Not easy and no guarantees but even older babies have learned to nurse at the breast.

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    Default Re: Pump 100% of breastmilk feed w bottle.. and green stools

    You could also try mixing all the bottles you pump during the day and seeing if that helps.
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