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Thread: Latching and Unlatching at end of each breast?

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    Default Latching and Unlatching at end of each breast?

    I had an oversupply in the beginning, and my baby couldn't possibly finish one breast. Now at 11 weeks, things have settled down, but I have a question. My baby latches on great to the breast, and actively eats for 5-10 min. Then he starts latching/unlatching/latching/unlatching. I generally take this as my cue to swap breasts, and he does the same thing. I can always hand express milk even after I have swapped sides, so I know there is still more there. My though is that it is just at the point where he has to work harder, and either doesn't want to, or is just full and is playing around. He doesn't seem fussy when latching or unlatching. If I massage/compress, then he stays latched on. Everything is normal - weight gain is great, diaper count is spot on. Just wondering if there is something else that I should be considering :-)

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    Default Re: Latching and Unlatching at end of each breast?

    Sounds like a quirky nursing habit. Latching/unlatching may be your baby's way of getting the milk to start flowing again, or maybe he has discovered that latching/unlatching is a good way to get you to switch him to the other side or to get you to use breast compressions to get the milk flowing again. Either way, it doesn't sound like a big deal and is probably something he will grow out of. 11 weeks is still just the beginning, and a lot of "quirky" habits eventually disappear as a baby learns that he/she can get his/her needs met in a more straightforward fashion.

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    Default Re: Latching and Unlatching at end of each breast?

    When you say he does the same thing when you switch sides, do you mean that he nurses for 5-10 minutes again and then starts latching and unlatching, or does he not nurse well on the second side at all?

    I wonder if he might just be done. If you've got a fast letdown, baby can get a lot of milk in 10 minutes!

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