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Thread: Newborn refusing one breast! HELP!

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    Hi, Im having some problems breast feeding and really need some help. I just had my daughter last Tuesday and breastfeeding was going fine until Thursday, but then my daughter completely quit taking the right breast. I have tried everything and nothing i do seems to be working. Now im starting with that breast at all feedings but she just latches on then releases it and refuses to eat until I give her the other breast. I have actually tasted the milk to see if there is a difference in taste and there isnt. I have called the hospital I delivered at but they werent much help and I cant see a Dr until Monday. My baby is now acting as if she is unsatisfied with the amount she is getting from my left but I have nothing else to offer. Please let me know if there is anything else I can try.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    First, here's a resource that will help you determine whether or not baby is getting enough milk: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...s/enough-milk/

    Second, it's pretty common for babies to resist nursing on one side. Differences in nipple shape, breast shape, degree of fullness/engorgement, and baby's preference for lying on one side or the other can all affect her willingness to take a certain breast. The easiest thing to control is position: if baby likes lying on her right side (for example), maintain her in that position throughout the feeding. It requires a little creativity with positioning and perhaps pillows, but you can do it! You are already offering the less preferred breast when baby is hungry- she might be less picky then. Or not. It might work better if you offer the less preferred breast when baby has already satisfied herself on the preferred breast. Try it both ways! If you're using any artificial nipples (bottles or pacifiers), take them out of the equation. You want baby to get all her sucking needs met at the breast. If none of that works, run out and get a nipple shield. I think they should only be used with guidance from a LC, but some moms have good luck using them to get a reluctant baby to latch. Finally, I suggest that you consider doing some pumping of the unused breast in order to maintain supply on that side and prevent engorgement. But be careful- your baby is so young that it's easy to go into pumping overdrive and end up with oversupply. Do a pumping session and let us know what you get, and we'll help you troubleshoot your routine.

    I am sorry the hospital wasn't helpful. That's typical, unfortunately. But that doesn't mean there are no resources out there for you. Call your local LLL leader, call your pediatrician, and ask for a referral to a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. Don't wait! It's easier to keep the breastfeeding train on the tracks than to get it back on after it has derailed.

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    What PP said
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    My oldest did this early on. I was engorged (awful) and while on one side he could still manage to latch, on the other it just made my nipple too flat and my breast too hard and he was like "forget about it."

    We had more issues as well and did see an IBCLC and (under her guidance) used a nipple shield for a few weeks. It all turned out fine.

    mommal gave tons of great suggestions.

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