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Thread: Random Question about Selling Breast Milk

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    Default Random Question about Selling Breast Milk


    We have a 4-month old baby and due to a 'mis-diagnosis' of a lactation consultant at our pediatrician's office I now have more milk than we really need for the baby and we are running out of room in our freezer! (Pedi thought I was having a supply issue, but it turned out to be a 'weak suck' issue with baby, which we have now corrected through PT recommendations of a different IBCLC and are doing great!). Without going into detail I was given the phone number of a company who buys breast milk and then re-sells it to their clients to use as 'blank material' when testing for the presence of drug substances (whether prescription or otherwise). Has anyone done this before? I figured this board would be a good place to start to get an idea of how much would be a reasonable 'asking price'.


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    Hi mama, I personally wouldn't assume that you won't need the milk for your baby...I guess unless you will be at home with baby.

    I can't tell you about selling it but would you consider donating it to a baby who doesn't have breastmilk from its mother?


    is a great and easy way to give a baby the gift of life in some cases. They have local FB pages
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    I would know nothing about selling.

    4 months is a little early to think about getting rid of your stash. At this point you do not know what your long term supply will do. If you do choose to get rid of some of your milk I would suggest donating it rather than "selling it" another couple of options for donating is either Eats on Feets (http://www.eatsonfeets.org/#chapters) or a Milk bank that will use it to benefit premature babies.
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    Thanks for the info on donating milk - I will definitely look into that. This is my second child - in the beginning the first lactation consultant I saw thought that her lack of gaining 'proper weight' was due to a supply issue. They had me feed and then pump. Well - turned out that the lack of gaining proper weight was b/c our little girl had a weak suck and now I have an over-supply of milk. I need to keep some 'stash' but I am running out of room in my freezer. I have probably 1200+ oz of milk frozen in bags in my freezer. I can't open the door without them falling out, so I have no more room to put new ones in. If i can help someone in need I am happy to do that!

    Thanks so much.

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