This has been very informative for me. I have been experiencing OALD since my milk came in and haven't had any info about how to control it. We ended up in the ER once when my LO was 3weeks due to a nursing strike and we where afraid of dehydration. He was still well hydrated because he was being supplemented with formula (still is unfortunately) and was just told to try pumping shortly before feedings, and to do breast compressions while he is nursing to help ease the flow and allow him to get more hind milk. EASIER SAID THAN DONE. Yes it was so hard to sit with the pump going while my baby is screaming his head off. I still suffer with the OALD now that he is 2mo and his colic is getting very bad at night, he nurses for 5 mins, snoozes for about 20-45mins and wakes up with a tummy ache. I am now trying the block feeding, along with allowing it to flow into a bra pad, and using breast compressions still, though with a 5 yo and a DF that thinks he knows everything, it is very frustrating at the end of the day when I am starving, exhausted, and being brought down by my PPD. I will try the Altoids since a lot of you are saying it helps.

Though I am wondering if anyone has the same problem I do with the OALD. It seems that once I do empty, either by pumping (sometimes over 6oz) it takes a long time for them to start letting down again, then once it happens it happens hard and fast and very painfully.