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Thread: green mucusy and frothy poops due to teething?

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    Default green mucusy and frothy poops due to teething?

    My baby is 22 weeks old. Starting early April, his poops began changing color to a lime green, avocado green color. Normally, he used to go every couple of days and now it's almost every time in little amounts, streaky, and green. It sounds explosive when he goes, but when I undo his diaper, there's not a lot in there! He's not in any discomfort when I hear the explosions.

    So I am wondering if he's having digestive issues and if it's due to my milk or due to teething.

    His gums aren't red and swollen yet, but he's got all the other symptoms of teething such as: putting everything in his mouth, disrupted sleep, eating his hands, and drooling. No low-grade fever as of yet, but I think he's only in the early stages of teething.

    Another piece of information is that his feeding times are only 4-6 minutes at best. He eats fast! So I was wondering if maybe he's not getting enough of the hindmilk and that is what was causing the green poops? I thought that any imbalance would have sorted itself out by now? Could the fast drinking be due to teething as well? He's also a very distractible 5 month old so I am wondering if that's another reason why he's not drinking for that long. We go to a quite place and I don't talk or make eye contact because if I do, he'll just pop off and try and make conversation. It's so cute, but I'm trying to keep him focused, I guess.

    Finally, does anyone else's baby do this... He often times will pop off after 4-5 minutes and begun sucking his thumb. This makes me worried that he's not getting the creamier milk at the end. I try and get him back on and it works maybe less than half the time. Is this his way of telling me he's done? Usually when he's done he gives a big stretch and turns his head away from the boob. But now he just goes straight for the thumb. Does he want to comfort suck? Then why won't he use my breast? I think he prefers his thumb!

    I was hoping to hear from anyone else out there and see if I can pinpoint the cause of the green poops and find out what I should be doing to help him.

    Thanks so much for listening to my ramblings. It's all confusing in my head so hopefully I have explained it clearly enough. Would love to hear what others think...

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    Default Re: green mucusy and frothy poops due to teething?

    My LO is 24 weeks, and a few weeks back, he was also really into the thumb-sucking while I was trying to nurse him. I never did figure out what it was about and it seems to have lessened. Maybe just practicing a new skill? We, too, have explosive poos that are sometimes green, and always mucousy (think that's from the teething). Still really distractable, I just try to get him to dream-feed during ever-shorter naps. Sometimes I put him back on the same side if it didn't seem like he ate much. But I have a fairly ample supply, so not worried about that.

    gotta go, naptime over, teethy fussies beginning, just wanted to say you're not alone.

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