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Thread: Pumping- storage questions

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    Hello Ladies!!!
    I am going back to work in 5 weeks. I am breastfeeding my baby and I occasionally pump just to have some milk available -- just in case--.
    However, I read that if you have a freezer with only one door you can only keep the milk for 2 weeks. My refrigerator is really old.
    if you want to see a pict of it
    I will be working 3 1/2 days a week. I will be away from my baby about 11-12 hours/day. I want to make sure he has enought milk during the day. My question to you ladies, what should I do? How much should I pump? Am I understanding well the rules regarding the type of freezer? When I pump, I do it after feedings. Especially in the morning. I only get 2 oz.
    Thank you for your responses.

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    Sorry that link is not working for me-do you mean you have a refrigerator/freezer combo with only one shared outer door, and your freezer is a compartment in the refrigerator-(like many mini fridges/dorm fridges/ hotel fridges)? Because in that case, yes the recommended storage time is two weeks. If your freezer is a separate compartment with it's own outer door, then the time increases a lot, 3-6 months.

    If you look here, http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...toringmilk.pdf , it says that milk is likely safe for longer, but the fats may break down. Breast milk is pretty tough and it's kind of difficult to spoil it. Still, I get not wanting to take that chance…

    2 ounces is quite a bit to get in a pumping session when you are also nursing ‘full time.” When you go back to work, you will be pumping at work, correct? So you may see an increase in pump output when you are pumping instead of nursing while at work rather than pumping 'extra' on top of of all that nursing now, iykwim.

    I am sure many moms here will have good ideas of how much of a stash they felt they needed to be comfortable when returing to work.

    This article has info on estimating how much milk you will need to leave for baby each day: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/pumping/milkcalc/

    This one has great tips on helping your caregiver bottle feed the breastfed baby. These tips support breastfeeding by discouraging over feeding ( a common problem that eats up that hard earned expressed milk) and also allows baby to bottle feed in a way that is closer to breastfeeding.
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    i was paranoid and tried to get a huge stash. i was aiming for 4 oz EXTRA per day. that ended in me donating ~500 oz which was great but i didn't need to be pumping as much as i was.

    my good friend, who works away from home even more than i do, and has TWO babies, always has less than 10 oz in her freezer. it's all about your personality. and remember, all you need is enough for tomorrow. don't panic or think that you NEED a crazy freezer stash.
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    small deep freezes realy have come down in price. We got ours for under $300 new.
    A scratch and dent one might have been cheaper and It came with a 10 year warentee.

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    If that is that type of freezer,then yes, it won't keep long in there. But that is OK. You really only need to keep enough for a couple days. This is for the first day and then any spillage. Rotate your milk by feeding frozen on Monday then fresh all week, freezing Friday for Mondsy....or just keeping it fresh in the fridge for Monday and never freezing milk. If you don't have a lipase problem, you could possibly never need to freeze milk if you have your supply and demand balanced out.

    Most moms over pump and end up tossing milk. But you can use excess for baby food, momsicles, baking crackers and such for baby, etc. I have even seen milk soap on Etsy. And there is the potential to donate if you are eligible.
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