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Thread: Breastfeeding in public

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    Oh I forgot, another thing I used to do was if was out wiht my husband is ask him to kind of stand/sit in such a way it blocked me from passersby if I was feeling uncomfortable. And before I tossed the cover I had him kind of hold it out for me so it was not resting on babies head which my son hated. Enlisting his help gave us a "we are in this together" type feeling. I think sometimes husbands and other family get perturbed when they see us struggle but they do not know how to help.

    And e-bee I understand you were not saying non-covering moms are immodest! But unfortunately moms have occasionally been harassed for nip without a cover, for example a couple years ago a restaurant employee gave a mom a blanket from somewhere (eeeww, first off) and told her to cover up. Not cool!

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    thanks so much for the help. i'm definitely not going to give up. some of the tips everyone has given me never even occurred to me to try. i really appreciate it!

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    One thing I have found that really helped me was the type of shirt I was wearing. I always wear a nursing bra and tank (though to be honest, you can pull your boob over the top of most tanks), because the tank covers my belly. What I noticed is that gauzy-flowy type shirts do are the best for covering any remaining skin, if you don't want to use a cover. But, it REALLY does get easier with practice. You can stretch your comfort level too -go to a nice park, find a bench and nurse there. I actually did some laying down nursing at my neighborhood park this week - something I would have never thought possible before. About going out...I also have nursed in my vehicle on several occasions. I just nursed there, then went inside. I took my boppy pillow with me in the beginning. As the baby gets bigger, you get stronger and more comfortable, you won't need the boppy anymore. Give yourself a break. NIP can be very intimidating and scary, even for people who aren't particularly modest!

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