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    Smile We did it!

    One week after my DD's birth i was wailing and telling my mother that i can't do this and that I give up...After my first LLL meeting she was only 8 weeks and i thought i could do it for exactly 44 more weeks...i was counting down the days to her 1st birthday so that i could stop breastfeeding...I stop counting shortly after she was 12 weeks, went to my LL meetings every month, called my LLL leader when i needed help, came on this forum to find support, travelled for 6 weeks with my 9 month old, nursed her in Paris, Mauritius, Dubai,Ghana, the Netherlands and in flight above the oceans. A 76 week adventure. At 19 months and 2 weeks she stopped showing interest...I cried while she laughed the last time she breastfed. My husband took a picture and said thank you for nurturing our daughter's body, mind and soul. I cried some more and wished that it would never stop...Those little eyes looking at me mischievously while she nursed, that little hand caressing my face while she nursed, that little foot on my forehead and the milk dripping down her cheek while she smiled while nursing! This child lead weaning process was awesome and cast a shadow over what many said would happen: She would cry, undress you in public but you have to hold your ground! Your breast will fill up but don't give in! She never cried, never ripped my clothes off, i never got engorged. We were both physically and mentally ready for the end. All she did was drank one last time and said "Tank u mama!" and ran off to play.

    Thanks for the support ladies, you all made this a great adventure...
    first time mama to a gassy but adorable baby named Makayla- Wouldn't give up breasfeeding for anything in the world.

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    Good job mama!

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    Congrats! My son just turned 1 and I keep getting asked "How long are you going to do this?" I don't have a plan at this point, but hope it can turn out nicely like it did with you!
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    Aw, I just got chills! Great job! And I'm so glad to hear that your husband was able to recognize what a special gift you gave your daughter.
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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! Awesome job! I agree with kst.7999--it's so great that your husband recognizes what you gave to your daughter.
    Mom to a spirited DS1, born 2/21/2011, and DS2, born 7/3/2014.

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    AWWWWW. Goose bumps

    Lovely story
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    Happy Wife of 25 years to J~
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    Congratulations! Definitely something to be proud of.
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    Beautiful story! I hope weaning will go the same for us.
    Mom to TRH born 2/16/11 - 8lbs 7oz., 21in.

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