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Thread: breast cellulitis

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    My infection is not in my breast, it is my breast. But there isn't a lot of information online about breastfeeding with a staph infection.

    I am taking amoxicillin and clindamycin, both are compatible with breastfeeding. I had an aspiration yesterday. I am still breastfeeding DD. I just make sure she doesn't come in contact with the covered area. It is on the underside outside of my breast. I just make sure to BF DD in cradle hold.

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    Hi, sorry that sounds owie! Hope the antibiotics help soon! You may want to consider taking pro-biotics to lessen possible side effects of the antibiotics (like thrush, ugh.)

    Did you have a specific question? I can look up info on MRSA (Staph infection in the breast) and breastfeeding in the lactation text Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple for you, but I am not sure it's relevant. I do not see breast cellulitus listed in the index-

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