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Thread: 2nd mastitis and abscess.

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    Default 2nd mastitis and abscess.

    I had mastitis, abscess and incision and drainage back in October, while I was 5 months pregnant and not breastfeeding. I had a hard mass that was the size of a golf ball. My OB tried to aspirate to get a culture and only blood came out. I was in the hospital for the outpatient surgery with general anesthesia. I needed wound dressings and a wound vac and it healed in a month.
    DD is two months old and my mastitis came back. This time, though, my OB was able to get a culture. Today I went to see a surgeon and he did a quick incision and drainage right there in the office with a local anesthetic.

    My OB told me to not breastfeed on that breast, to just pump and dump. But I was also told by my OB that this infection is not related to breastfeeding. My milk supply is a little bit more than enough for DD and I want it that way so that I won't get engorged.

    I won't know the results of the culture until Thursday. This infection is not near my milk ducts.

    I want to breastfeed and keep my milk. I am on amoxicillin and clindamycin. I spoke to a lactation consultant earlier, she said the choice is up to me, but those antibiotics are safe while breastfeeding.

    I apologize if I am not giving enough information. My mind is racing, I am just so upside down about all of this.


    I would like any information anyone has with this, experience with mastitis and abscess and breastfeeding while battling these infections. I will take advice, suggestions, recommendations. I just hope the infection is being affected and cleared up by the antibiotics. I am nursing DD. I also appreciate good vibes and prayers! =)
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    Default Re: 2nd mastitis and abscess.

    Wow, what a rollercoaster!

    So - I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you want opinions on whether you can nurse? If you want a second opinion on the meds - OBs are often extremely conservative - call infantrisk.com and they'll give you personalized advice.

    Why did your OB say to pump & dump on that side?
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    Default Re: 2nd mastitis and abscess.

    Doctors are often way over conservative about medications in mothers milk, mastitis, and pumping and dumping. In general, the best thing for a mom with mastitis is to nurse because the best cure for mastitis is thorough drainage of the affected breast and babies typically do a better job of emptying the breast than even the best pump. Some medications are not compatible with breastfeeding, but to my knowledge amoxicillin is not one. I am not sure about clindamycin- but Infant Risk will know: http://www.infantrisk.com/

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    Default Re: 2nd mastitis and abscess.

    Oh my goodness! Just wanted to wish you luck and to let you know that everything will get better! I, myself, am also recovering from Mastitis and had the same surgery done to me last week. I am also on antibiotics and was told that breastfeeding might cause the baby to have diaherrea.


    I ultimately decided to pump and dump for the duration I was taking the antibiotics (it's a pretty high dosage). Since it is only for 5 days, I figured it was better to be more aggressive with the meds and get this over with once and for all - rather then take a light dose for a longer period of time, so that I could breastfeed.

    My problem was the incision was done about an inch above my left nipple, so it leaked bacteria/pus/gross stuff while I pumped. The surgeon said I did not want the baby to touch that... so... I couldn't breastfeed on that side anyways.

    The choice is really yours, but going directly to forumula might not be the best choice for the baby. My daughter has suffered during this time - we put her on formula and she hates it. She keeps rejecting the bottle and has constipation... crying for 15-20 minutes when she's trying to poop... and having excessive bowel movements. It's been a tiring and exhuasting 5 days and I'm really looking foward to breastfeeding her again. Her pediatrician has noted the change in bowel movements and her constant fussing/screaming, is from switching her off my breastmilk...

    I recommend breastfeeding on the side that didn't have surgery, and pump on the side that has an incision. This way, your baby will not have to suffer like mine!!
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