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    Hi there.

    My son is 10 months old, and I have had to pump since he was 2 weeks old., I had a bad yeast infection post abx(long story), and the nipples were rather bloody/swollen. I thought I could pump for a couple of weeks and let it heal, but it never did. I kept giving him the breast a twice a week hoping he wouldn't loose the instinct, but he did at 9 months.

    I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how i could get him to maybe restart breastfeeding? I would be so better for him at nights, since he wouldn't have to wait for me to warm him milk up. And I never got to share that intimacy with him, that mother/baby bond that I see babies have when breastfeeding.

    I tired a la leche league mtg, but it was hard sitting there watching women feed and I had to get my bottle out. I kinda gave up on this many months ago, but a part of me wants to try just one more time. I am not sure if I will have any more kids, so if anyone has any ideas, I would greatly greatly appreciate them.


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    There was an article in a recent issue of New Beginnings (the LLL magazine) about a woman who taught her adopted baby to nurse. The baby was I believe around a year old when adopted. It did take her a LONG time and a lot of effort, but the baby did learn to nurse for comfort and for a little milk. Maybe you could call your LLL leader and ask if she can find it. (I looked for it but couldn't find it. ). LLL leaders can also provide phone help if you'd prefer not to go to the meeting. You can also try contacting an IBCLC (lactation consultant).

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    Hi llowe,
    Is this the article you were thinking about? Adoptive Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy Or was it more like a mother's story than an article?
    Aidster, maybe there's something in the above article that will help? Or this one?
    My newborn has never really gotten the hang of nursing. How can I get him back to the breast?


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