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Thread: THRUSH - dosage for probiotics

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    My friend has a 9 month old and they are battling thrush for the 5th time My friend's dd is 20 pounds and she would like to know the dosage for probiotics? My friend takes probiotics daily and stays away from sugar is quite tired of fighting thrush. She DOES manage to catch it early, and with gentian violet, vinegar rinses, etc, it usually lasts less than a week. HOWEVER, she would like to start giving her dd daily probiotics to try to keep the thrush at bay. Does anyone know the correct dosage for 2.5 billion capsules? Does she have to buy infant probiotics or can she give her the powder that she has in the capsules and mix it into her food?

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    I don't have any experience with it, but there's some info at Kellymom --


    Most sources suggest that both mom and baby take probiotics. Check your label for baby dosage – it commonly ranges from 1-3 billion active cultures per day.

    Many recommend that you start with a lower dosage, and increase it after a week or so.

    Some ways to treat baby

    Open the capsule, dip your clean finger in the powder and let baby suck it off; or
    Mix the powder with a small amount of expressed milk or water; or
    Make a paste of the powder with expressed milk or water and swab it in baby’s mouth; or
    Add to solid food (for babies over 6 months).

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    I have used the culturelle for babies and give an entire packet to my 10 month old. When DS #1 was really little, like 3 months, I dipped my finger in and let him suck it off a few times per day. That is in the Dr. Sears book I have.

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