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Thread: Sites for baby led solids

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    A friend of mine has been BF her son only for a few months and was telling me her plans for baby food/rice cereal and I wanted to send her information on baby led solids. I did it and it was great but I know she likes to read up on it. Any sites you guys have used/articles you've read would be great!
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    Kellymom.com and wholesomebabyfood.com
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    FTW (don't worry about everything else being in Dutch- the good stuff is in English)

    And muahaha I LOVE your plan!

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    One thing that you can tell her as she does research is that a lot of the info is British, which means some difference in terminology from this side of the pond. For example they use the term weaning for any introduction of food outside of breastmilk, so what we call baby led solids they will call baby led weaning. Also there will be mention of food being "chip" sized, which was confusing to me until I realized that a British chip is an American French fry.
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