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    I think I may have Hyperlactation in my left breast! I have been EBF since my daughter was born 4 weeks ago starting about a week or so ago feedings on my left side has become awful she chokes, spits up and after each suck she pulls away and a mouth full of bm comes out leaving us both soked after our 15min feeding.. I have tried feeding her while I am laying downand having her sit up but it doesn't seem to help. Will this go away on it's own (once my supply evens out) or is this someting I need to personaly see a LC about?? Any tips or suggestions would be wonderful.. Thank you

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    This definitely sounds like either overactive let down, or oversupply, or both. I am sure others will jump in with suggestions, but this link has some good information as well as links to other info.
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    Will this go away on it's own (once my supply evens out)
    Yes, most likely. When baby is four or so weeks old that is the typical time for a peak in milk supply, and a peak in milk supply may cause forceful letdown or make it worse.

    See the tips in the above linked article. I suggest you try the ideas for helping baby handle the flow for a while before trying block feeding. Most important, do not LIMIT or space out feedings at all, let baby nurse as frequently as baby will, or at least 10-12 times per 24 hour day at this age. Don't make baby take both sides per feeding if baby is happy nursing on one at a time. And avoid pumping, esp. on the over producing side.

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