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Thread: Pregnant & want to wean before next baby is born

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    My first two boys were 13 months apart so I nursed both of them together for a year. I knew that the 13 month old was not ready when his brother was born and I didn't want him to be resentful.
    I now have a 14 month old that I have started to wean and the next baby is due in January. I am planning to have him weaned by the end of November.
    I don't want to nurse 2 again but I don't want the youngest one to be resentful of the new baby or want to start nursing again when he sees me feeding the new one. How long after weaning do they forget about it? Has anyone had any experience with this kind of situation?

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    I don't have any personal experience, but you might be surprised how resilient your child will be. While I think it will be natural for your kids (all of them) to be a bit jealous of a new baby, I honestly don't think it would be any different if you are nursing or not. I think the older ones are jealous of the cuddles and mommy-time mostly.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


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    I'm currently pregnant and nursing my 17 MO, I haven't tandem nurse before so I might not be of much help. I don't see myself weaning my boy anytime soon, for some reason he's nursing more than pre-pregnancy, and although sometimes I get tire and frustrated especially when I feel sick, I thick is going to be more of a hazard trying to wean him than just letting him nurse, plus I'll have extra help with engorgement when the next one is born (If he doesn't self-wean). How often does your boy nurse?, is he always asking for?, try looking for something that would distract him from nursing, something to replace it, does he like regular milk? Maybe when your colostrum comes in he might wean or after the baby is born and you guys are separate for a day or two. Regarding him being resentful, that will probably happen regardless if he's nursing or not, it's a big change for him and it would take him a while to get used too.

    Congratulations!! Is it a boy or a girl?

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    Have fun with the tandem nursing Mami_Kathy I did it for a year with the first 2 but now that I am going to have 4, 4 years and under that is not an option for me. I will not be able to spend the time I need with the others if I am nurseing all the time and that is what you will be doing when you have to nurse 2.
    I got a breast pump several months ago and could only get an ounce out after ten min so I don't really have any milk for my 14 month old it just seams to be a comfort thing for him.
    I am now down to one nursing a day so I will have him weaned soon, when I stay busy he dosen't even seam to think about nursing. It's when I sit down that he thinks he needs it. I give him goats milk, sometimes he drinks it sometimes he doesn't.
    If anyone has been in my situation let me know what you did and how it worked out.
    We have had all our babys at home so I will not we spending any time away from my other children when the new one comes. They will all be there for the birth I will just be in bed for 3 days after.

    I have 3 boys - 4 years, 3 years, and 14 months. I hope this one is a girl but I am not getting my hopes up and the ultra sounds have proven useless.

    Thanks, Leah
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