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Thread: Very attached to daddy recently?

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    Default Very attached to daddy recently?

    DS is 19 months old and has become very attached to his daddy recently. I'm a SAHM, and DS will want to look at pictures on the wall throughout the day and point to daddy and cry and point to the front door (like asking when daddy is coming home). I tell him daddy will be home soon and comfort him. Tonight when I went into bed to nurse him when he woke up, he only wanted to be cuddled by DH (we co-sleep). He nursed for a bit, but then rolled over to cuddle up with DH. Several times a week, I go to workout when DH gets home, so now DS is used to his daddy putting him to bed (though I nurse DS before I leave). On one hand, I love that DS can be comforted by both of us, but on the other hand, I do hope that this doesn't end up interfering with his nursing. Plus (and I know this sounds ridiculous), my feelings are a little hurt that he is so cuddly with DH and night and only seems to turn to me to nurse but not cuddle really...and that maybe he doesn't seem to miss me when I'm gone to workout! I spend all day with him, and we have great and fun days together! Why doesn't he miss me, too? I know I sound whiny and childish even as I write this I guess I'm just wondering if the daddy attachment thing is normal at this age?

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    My DD went through that when she was a little older though. Like closer to 2. It was so heartbreaking. She'd totally flip out when I came home from work, at that point, DH would leave for work. But she wanted nothing to do with me and would sometimes throw fits for like an hour.
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    Default Re: Very attached to daddy recently?

    My DS started to get more attached to daddy around 14mo. At first I didn't mind, because it gave me a break, but recently I have started getting jealous, too. Daddy gets loads of hugs and kisses but I almost never get any! In fact my best bet is if DH tells DS to give mommy a kiss.

    I think this is because DH is more fun to play with. I was always more of a comforter, rather than a fun playmate, so as he gets more independent he wants his dad more.
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