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Thread: Is he using me as a teether?

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    Default Is he using me as a teether?

    So, my DS is 3.5 mos and we are almost certain he has been teething for a month now but nothing has broke the gum line yet. We cannot get him to take a teether of any kind cheap, homemade, frozen, hard plastic, whatever. But he as fell in love with his fist around this time. Over the last couple of weeks he has started to 'bite' me toward the end of the feeding. I have OALD and this is much different than the pulling off and other things he has done in the past. It feels as if he is doing this gingerly and I feel like he has even looks up at me with eyes as if to ask "Is this ok mommy? It doesn't hurt you does it?" It didn't at first and I just thought it would pass. BUT he is getting stronger quickly but still gentle. I just feel like a teether sometimes. Right now I'm fine but I don't want to regret not addressing it if I should.

    Is this a habit I need to curb now? Once he gets teeth I know it will hurt. Also should I worry about him chewing up his fist? We gave up on the teethers for now.

    I do always offer when I see him chewing though. Sometimes he takes it and occasionally he doesn't. When he takes it; it seems like he does the 'biting' thing more often.
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    Default Re: Is he using me as a teether?

    Have you tried an amber necklace? http://naturallymamas.com/2012/benef...ing-necklaces/ Many mamas on here, including myself, can tell you that they do help.
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    Default Re: Is he using me as a teether?

    My son wears an amber necklace during the day (Inspired by Finn is a great company), and I bought a few teething necklaces on Etsy. I prefer the wooden ones, and I just clean them by dropping them in boiling water after a few uses.
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    Default Re: Is he using me as a teether?

    I think you should address it now, rather than when he gets teeth.

    I was suggested by Kellymom website and Dr Newman to do the following:

    When he bites or presses his gums, don't say anything just hold his head against your breast, he will automatically open his mouth and the feeling he gets from that (head pressed against boob) will make him stop. He will do it a few more times, repeat this as often as necessary until he realizes, biting is not a good idea.

    I did it with all my babies and I nursed them for 2.5 years each plus tandem nursed. They never bit again.

    Good luck

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