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Thread: Suddenly poops are back to yellow after starting solids.

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    Default Suddenly poops are back to yellow after starting solids.

    Earlier this week I started my little guy on solids tentatively. When I say that I mean purees (turkey and then prunes to be more specific), he has been very interested in food for a while and so I finally decided to cave and let him have some, he only eats one or two spoonfuls a day because he isn't quite sure what to do with the food and I don't want him taking in too many extra calories while he's just getting started.
    He has been on both breastmilk and formula since birth and while the formula helped immensely with his gas problems it made his poop a darker green color and a little firmer than his breastmilk exclusive poops. It never bothered him at all and so I wrote it off as something that I would just have to get used to until we weaned him but since he has started eating solids his poops are back to the mustardy color of breastmilk poop.
    Is it normal for his poop to have gone back to how it was with the introduction of solid foods or is it a sign I need to back off of them and try again once he's a little older? He doesn't seem to be having any tummy pain or discomfort since he started eating his purees but he also isn't so interested in them that I would feel bad taking them away from him at this point.
    Is it healthy? I don't want to be a paranoid mom but I tend to worry a little extra about his food intake and digestion as a whole as I was lactose intolerant as a child and so I worry he may have some sort of food issues too.

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    Default Re: Suddenly poops are back to yellow after starting solids.

    How old is he?

    I'm sure it's normal. Why did formula help with his gas? I've never heard of that before.

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    Default Re: Suddenly poops are back to yellow after starting solids.

    Usually formula creates more gas. So I wonder if it was something else rather than the formula that helped the gas. Yellow poop is always a good sign in my mind So I wouldn't worry at all.

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