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Thread: slow or fast flow nipple?

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    Default slow or fast flow nipple?

    I will be going back to work in 2 weeks. My lo and I have come along way since his birth in mid feb. We had latching problems, my insecurities led me to bottle feed rather than working on latching, we moved on to the shield, weaned, and have been direct breastfeeding since late march. I do have os and oald. He can gulp 3 oz or so in about 5-10 min. Now that we are prepping for my return to work I worry that the slow flow nipple will cause him more stress and lead to complete refusal. My dh suggested a faster flow because it took ds 40 min to finish the3 oz pumped. The bottles we are using are playtex drop ins. The box says it mimics breastfeeding. Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: slow or fast flow nipple?

    What we did - start with slow flow nipples, moved to medium flow nipples because my girls were taking too long (over 20 minutes) to finish a few ounces. Honestly, it was my DH who complained, and since he is a stay at home dad with 2 babies and a toddler, I yielded to him, moved to a higher flow nipple, so my girls would eat faster. But that contributed to some nursing difficulty with DD1. When I would get home from work, around 4 months (I returned to work at 12 weeks), she didn't want to nurse with me, she wanted a bottle. We struggled for probably a month, where I would offer, she would eat for a few seconds, pop off and scream. But i was persistent and consistent, and did not give her a bottle. it was a very stressful month but we persevered. That was probably the only issue we encountered and we found our way out of it.

    If I had my way we would not have switched, but I had to consider DH's request. if it was daycare, I probably wouldn't have given in to the request. But I try to keep my DH happy
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    Default Re: slow or fast flow nipple?

    From the baby’s perspective, there is really no reason a feeding should not take 40 minutes. When introducing bottles, in order to avoid the possible issues at nipple confusion and flow confusion, it is best to attempt to replicate the experience of nursing at the breast as much as possible. Even though you have forceful letdown and your baby may consequently finish nursing quickly, in general a slower flow nipple (and using paced bottle feeding techniques-see link below) will come closer to the experience of extracting milk from the breast than a fast flow bottle. If baby has no objection to taking time with the bottle, then how long it takes becomes an issue of caregiver preference. So I agree with pp, consider starting with slow flow and move incrementally up to a faster flow only if needed.

    There are many ways to support continued breastfeeding after mom is back to work-an important one is for the caregiver to not overfeed baby (common with traditional bottle feeding methods & fast flow bottles) or feed baby too close to mom’s return. Many ideas here:

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