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Thread: New Beginnings 2012, Issue 2

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    Default New Beginnings 2012, Issue 2

    New Beginnings, Issue 2, 2012


    A Conversation with LLL Founders Mary Ann Cahill and Marian Tompson

    Mothers' Stories:
    • Born with a Congenital Heart Defect: Breastfeeding Adam
    • How Community Inspired My Breastfeeding
    • Millie and Me: Overcoming Illness and Hospitalization
    • How Barbie Introduced Me to La Leche League

    United States Breastfeeding Committee Report:
    • Federal Law Benefits Mothers in the Workplace

    Book Review: How Weaning Happens

    Eating Wisely:
    • Feed Yourself, Feed Your Family: Welcoming a New Classic to the LLL Library

    Focus on Fathers:
    • Fathers of Breastfed Babies: An Inaccurate Media Picture?
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