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Thread: supplement with early solids or formula?

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    Default supplement with early solids or formula?

    hey ladies!

    i am starting to dwinde on my freezer stash-and i was wondering what is on the lesser of the two evils...starting solids a little early or supplementing with formula?

    ***pumping more to increase supply really isn't an option...also baby sleeps with me so i can't pump in the middle of the night or before he wakes up---doing all other things for supply like oatmeal and fenugreek***

    i work from 8-1. i pump on the way to work for about 20 minutes and then at work 2-3 times. usually anywhere from about 10-20 minutes depending on the type of day.

    6-7oz is pretty standard. sometimes a little more-or a little less.

    knowing that he should be taking in 1-1.5oz while i am gone means he needs about 6-9 oz a day.

    when i am not at work DS hangs out with DH or my mom. both of whom are very good at NOT over feeding him or feeding him everytime he fusses.

    i was hoping that in order to hold him over that last hour before i get home we could start giving him a little bit of banana, avocado, or sweet potato? not necessarily to provide him with extra calories but just to distract and entertain him over that final hour until i get home and feed him.

    DS is 4.5 months and is very interested in food-and sits up well with little support.

    thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: supplement with early solids or formula?

    Welcome to the forum.
    If you are pumping 6-7oz for 5 hours away, that is great! I would try to have your DH/Mom feed your son that amount. Maybe two 3oz bottles.
    4.5 months is early to start solids and it really doesn't decrease their appetite or need for breastmilk (or formula). With my son I thought that solids would stretch out bottles and help him sleep. But it doesn't. It is for exploration, taste and textures. The amount babies eat is also so tiny.

    It is great you can pump 2-3 times at work! Are you doing compressions wihile pumping? It sounds like you are doing everything right.

    I went through a similar phase where I was pumping about 2-4oz less than my girls were eating. I had DH try to give them smaller bottles and it worked. 1oz less isn't much of a difference and your son may not even notice it. I would start with having your son eat what you are pumping, since it is a good amount!
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    Default Re: supplement with early solids or formula?

    I think that's probably enough milk too. Maybe they could give him a sippy cup with an ounce of water in it to play with to distract him? Or take him outside to look around when he's getting fussy? Do you nurse him right before you leave?

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    Default Re: supplement with early solids or formula?

    I started solids early for borderline low supply and really it didn't help to much until she was 7 mos or older. If it's enough milk then maybe he needs more burp breaks/slow down the bottle sessions.
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