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Thread: Freestyle flaking out after 9 mo?

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    Default Freestyle flaking out after 9 mo?

    Hi all,
    I'm a first-time poster so I hope I've got my P's and Q's right ...
    I pump twice a day, 4 days/week - my DS is nearly 10 months and I plan to keep the pumping up through his first birthday, then see how it goes.
    Up till now I've loved my Freestyle (it's allowing me to type right now), but (1) the battery has completely died and the pump only works when plugged in, and (2) lately it is SO tricky to get the breast shields on well, and the membrane sandwich perfectly aligned, etc. This is already my second set of accessories (breast shield + membranes + tube hook-up). Anybody else had issues? It seems like this sort of use (2x/day, 4x/week) is totally reasonable.

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    #1 happened to me too. Mine was past the warranty, so if it isn't, I would recommend calling Medela. Seems to me they said something about a new battery.
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    I have had good luck with Medela service. They replaced my Freestyle even after more than a year. I had some black dust coming from under the battery cover and they replaced the whole unit. Wouldn't hurt to call them and see what they will do for you.

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    It couldn't hurt to contact them. Maybe they could help. Pumps are meant to be disposable unfortunalty
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