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    My 8wo has always had green poos. I've had my latch checked by breastfeeding counsellors & two LLLLeaders. Weight gain is good. I have an overabudance of milk...

    I've also tried block nursing for 2 weeks (helped a bit with oversupply, but didn't help with green poos). For the last week, I've tried hand expressing off the first few tablespoons of foremilk - no change.

    The explosive green poos don't seem to be hurting/bothering him...

    Is this just something he will grow out of - as his gut matures?

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    Both my girls pretty much always had green poos for the first few months. I also have OS and OALD. They both grew out of it. A2 will still occassionally get one. She is 7 mos. I only feed one side per feeding.

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    Green poos won't hurt your LO. An overabundance of lactose-rich "foremilk" can sometimes lead to baby being very gassy, perhaps having a bit more diaper rash than normal due to frequent poops, and can rarely cause enough intestinal irritation that you may observe streaks or specks of blood in your baby's stools. None of these things are problematic in the long run.

    Combatting oversupply can take longer than a couple of weeks. If you still have an overabundant supply, you might want to start block feeding again and see if you can get some yellow poo out of your LO.

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