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Thread: Holistic pediatrician? San Jose?

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    Default Holistic pediatrician? San Jose?

    Hi. I'm looking for a pediatrician in San Jose, CA who is supportive of breastfeeding. I'd also like to find one who will value the input and observations of the mother of the baby. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you.I was thinking a holistic pediatrician would be great.

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    Try looking on Dr. Sears' website for a delayed-vax friendly ped. Many times they are holistic, as is ours.
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    You might also try asking in the San Francisco Area Mamas thread in the Commonalities forum.

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    I know there is one in SF called GetzWell Pediatrics. I've heard good things about the practice, but we have not been able to go there because of our insurance. Maybe they could recommend someone in San Jose if you can't find one? Good luck!!
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