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Thread: Baby won't always latch when he does won't suck long

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    Default Baby won't always latch when he does won't suck long

    3 day old is having issues ith feeding. First 1.5 days was great he fed and slept and was just fine. Last night and all day today it's been terrible.

    He will start to latch on then won't suck for more then a few times before crying and then won't relatch sometimes. I know milk is in and can squeeze nipple and get some out. The only thing that calms him is using syringe and hose with some newborn formula hospital said to use first couple days or even with breast milk. I do just a little as some places say to do this just a few drops to get baby interested in nipple. But then he latches on and sucks a minute or so and then cries again. Like right now he is latched on but just sits there and won't suck. It seems to vary.

    I can hear his little tummy girgiling so I know he is hungry but he just won't eat. I can see him swolling when feeding so I know he is getting something.
    He keeps searching for food like he is always hungry and yesterday I gave him in ne feeding over 20ml and he still was hungry so I gave him more. And again still wanted more.

    He is crying all the time won't sleep for more then a few minutes and I just don't know what to do for him. he has not had a BM in over 24 hours and only 1 pee in in 24 hours.

    Pease help

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    Default Re: Baby won't always latch when he does won't suck long

    First off, don't give up you are doing great When he is latched on and just sitting there try rubbing is feet a little bit or stroking his cheek or tummy. Try lots of skin to skin time while you are nursing. Can you feel when you let down? Sometimes they get upset when the milk doesn't flow strait away and it just takes a few times latching before they'll finally relax and nurse. As long as his diaper output is good I'd keep trying with latching and not the syringe, but that is just my opinion. Because he may get to used to that and the fast flow and just make things harder with latching on. Have you seen a lactation consultant? Are you still in the hospital? Have you tried different positions like laying down or the football hold? With more info we can help more. Don't give up mama the first few days are the very hardest but it always gets easier

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    Default Re: Baby won't always latch when he does won't suck long

    Have you been using the syringe since the very beginning? If so, it's possible that baby already expects that feeding method to be part of his nursing experience. You don't need to suck in order to be fed by syringe, and he may already know that.

    One technique that could be helpful to you is to express some milk onto the surface of the nipple before latching baby on. If he gets the taste of milk in his mouth, he may be stimulated to suckle and generate a good letdown.

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