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Thread: two skinned nipples. enough said.

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    Exclamation two skinned nipples. enough said.

    Hi all,

    Helllllp! I started back to work last week, and am finding pumping incredibly challenging. Despite the logistical issues with where/when/how much/how long/whywon'tanymilkcomeoutforchristsakes, I seem to be having technical difficulties.
    Last week, after noticing that pumping was stinging a bit (but I didn't stop pumping, because it took 45 minutes to get a let down!) I realized that I skinned my right nipple on the pump. My right nipple is smaller than my left, so I use the 21mm flange on that side. I don't *think* the flange size is the issue on the right. No problems with that nipple since. Fast forward to this morning, here I am pumping away, and I skinned the other nipple! The one with the roomy flange! It left a nice ring around my nipple where the flange leaves the breast. This is of course incredibly uncomfortable, and I'm nursing that side while literally grinding my teeth.
    I am SO frustrated by all of this and feeling totally defeated. Starting work again was SO HARD, and not being able to comfortably and successfully pump milk for my babe when I'm gone is breaking my heart and I don't know what to do. I made a commitment to breastfeed him even though I knew pumping would be a challenge, but I did not anticipate actually injuring myself in the process. I feel like I'm failing. Please somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong!
    Thanks in advance for your experience and advice!
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    Default Re: two skinned nipples. enough said.

    You can rub a little bit of olive oil on the flange where it is in contact with the nipple to cut down on friction. I have the correct size parts, but I do get a bit of rubbing sometimes (and a nasty blister once). Olive oil has worked out great for me.

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    Default Re: two skinned nipples. enough said.

    Try lube, and even go up another size. I'm using horns two sizes larger than what two IBCLCs and the charts all say I should be using because otherwise, it's really super painful.
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