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Thread: Eczema/hives after feeding

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    Default Eczema/hives after feeding

    We started my dd on solids at 4 months 1 week. She ate cereal for four days, sweet potato for four days, then peas four days, now banana four days. She is almost 5 months old now.
    I noticed colorless dry patches on her skin Mabie even before she was introduced to foods. However, about one week ago (she started her peas) I noticed more bumps behind her neck. I thought Mabie I didn't wash her correctly, so I made sure her whole body was washed with soap thoroughly and rinsed well. The very next morning she woke up with red inflamed dry patches in several places of her body. I'm pretty sure this is eczema. Also she had a few hives, which at that time I thought it was a bug bite.
    Now, I notice that about 5-10 min after a breast feeding she has a few hives, sometimes above her lip and around the eczema spots. I have been crying b/c I hate to see my dd like this. I have been doing research and I've read that she could be allergic to milk protein from the food I eat??? Has anyone heard of this??? I feel helpless and scared. I called her pediatrician and of coarse didn't seem concerned at all. She just said oh that sounds like eczema just rub Vaseline on her she is really dry.
    But why did this happen ?? I want the sorce of the problem!

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    Default Re: Eczema/hives after feeding

    Sorry this is all freaking you out so much, mama! But don't let it drive you totally crazy. When you're dealing with a potential allergy issue, it's very tempting to go right to "something in the milk" as the explanation. It's really common for a breastfeeding mom to take all responsibility onto herself- but she should't. If this is an allergy issue, there is a big, big world of things out there that could be causing it. Things like pollen. Mold. Detergent. Bug bites. Excema is a mysterious condition, and if people could figure out what caused it easily, they could fix it easily, but they can't and don't.

    If your LO has shown no signs of a dairy protein allergy thus far- things like green, mucusy, or blood-streaked poops, digestive upset- then I doubt you'd get one cropping up now, at 5 months of age.

    Here's what I suggest:
    - Take a careful inventory of your environment. Any new soaps, detergents or cleaning products? Are you noticing an especially high level of environmental allergens (pollen, mold, dust, etc.)?
    - Think about your diet and baby's diet. Are you eating a lot of some new food? Is she? Consider keeping a food diary and seeing if excema outbreaks correlate with something you or she eat.
    - Don't stress yourself out. Lube your LO up with some non-scented lotion (like Vaseline, Aquaphor, or Eucerin) on the red patches and see if that helps.

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