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Thread: New here and have a couple of questions

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    Default New here and have a couple of questions

    I EBF my 4 month old son with only one breast. So far from what I have heard this is possible and okay. Any other moms know anything about this? My son has recently started pulling on my nipple and it is becoming painful. I have tried telling him no in a stern voice and removing him from the breast but he doesn't care.

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    Many moms nurse primarily or exclusively on one breast per feeding. It generally works well for moms with very abundant milk supplies, but it's not a good idea for a mom with an average or low supply. Sometimes a mom who starts out using just one breast per feeding ultimately transitions to nursing on both breasts, as her supply adjusts to a more reasonable level.

    "Pulling on the nipple" can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes baby is trying to control a rapid milk flow, sometimes he is distracted (very common around 4-6 months), sometimes he is soothing his sore gums on mom. When do you find this behavior happens?

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    Do you mean baby nurses on one breast per feeding (switching for the next) or you can only nurse on one breast at all? The latter is possible and of course OK, presumably a mom does this because she has no choice, and as long as baby is gaining well it is fine. Although of course when one breast is doing the job most moms can use two for, there are particular issues that arise, like what to do if you get sore. I just wanted to clarify.

    As far as baby pulling, it is normal, & baby this age probably cannot quite yet 'help it' or understand that is hurts you and that is why telling baby no is not working. It may help to try to figure out what is causing baby to do this and then addressing that specifically -as mommal points out, it could be due to distraction, a too fast milk flow, a too slow milk flow, flow or nipple confusion (possible if bottles or pacifiers have been introduced) some combination, something else?

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    I'm posting assuming you mean one breast at a time versus only one breast ever for some medical reason or something, so if I'm wrong, I'm sorry. I had to feed DS from one breast each feeding for the first 6-ish months because I had an overactive let-down and he had reflux and the forceful letdown was too much for him. That worked for us until around 6 months, 6.5 months, then he started doing as you're describing and pulling at my breast, tugging. I kind of thought maybe he was teething or something and ignored it for a bit, until I noticed he was nursing more and more frequently. So then I started offering both breasts and I'm noticing he's just needing both breasts at this point. So, my first bet would be to offer both sides and see if that stops it. Once he starts tugging, I take him off and offer him the other side. It works every time and he acts satisfied after that.

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