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Thread: how much should come out

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    Question how much should come out

    I am currently pumping for my now three week old preemie. She is being tubed fed until she we can start getting her to latch i only pump atleast 1.5oz every three hours and when i try to do it every two i only get 1oz. Is this a normal amount for her or am i losing my milk flow? i do have an ameda elite pump and use the hospitals when im there and its the same amount everytime also.

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    If you pump more often, you should make more milk. The longer you wait between pumping, the more it tells your body it doesn't need to make milk. Are you pumping at night too? Congrats on your baby! There are many moms on here who have had preemies and needed to pump for them who can chime in with more info and help.

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    I don't have experience with preemies, but getting 1-2 oz per pump is totally normal. Susan might chime in on establishing a supply through ep - I think I've heard her say you need to pump every two hours around the clock for several weeks. Congrats, and awesome job on the pumping!
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    You need to pump for a total of 120 minutes every 24 hours broken into 8-12 sessions for at least 12 weeks before dropping sessions. More often is actually better because in the long run, an empty breast makes more milk because that is seen by your body as increased demand, and increased demand equals increased production.

    Are you doing breast compressions and massage?

    And don't give up or feel frustrated. It's really difficult to EP, actually. Many moms have a harder time with supply than they would if they were nursing.
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    hi, I had my third ds at 35 weeks and whilst in hospital i found i got more from pumping when i pumped with him on me skin to skin or with him near me. When i couldnt be close to him, i looked at a picture whilst pumping and kept his vest close to me so i could at least see and smell him.. This really helped my supply alot.. Good luck and keep going - your doing brilliantly

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