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Thread: Painful nipples, breastfeeding just started

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    Unhappy Painful nipples, breastfeeding just started

    I read the other post, but i have not even more than one week breadtfeeding.... My newborn just have 12days and i've been breastfeeding for 10days. My nipples are just feeling like someone has brushed them, and seem red. No they are not dried... Im using lanoline but Im afraid i can't resist even one month. Im a new single mom and i want to bastfeed my baby as much as i can but now everything is turning painful. Yes i cleaned the saliva before using tthe lanoline. And baby is rooting very well and at the final my nipples seems like pencil erasers or some other times like pencils writing part.

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    Welcome to the forum, mama! Since your nipples are symmetrical after nursing, I doubt that you're experiencing a latch problem. The red color and "brushed" feeling you are experiencing sounds very much like thrush, which is a yeast infection of the breast and usually of the baby's mouth as well. Check out this link for more on thrush: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/thrush-resources/

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    At 12 days, I would suspect thrush too.
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    I agree thrush is a possibility, but while you are seeking/getting treatment for that, keep working on finding the most comfortable latch and positioning possible, because the better the latch the better it may feel to nurse even with thrush. Also if there is any friends or family that can help you with meal prep, changing diapers, errands etc, get that help! This is crunch time for all new moms it will never be harder than it is right now.

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