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Thread: Supplementing with Formula

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    I, very reluctantly, have to start my DS on formula. I have been back at work now for almost 5 months and the very large supply I had is just about gone. I will be continuing to pump and nurse as much as I can but I am not able to keep up with his demand. He will be 6 months on the 19, and he is eating about 30-40 oz a day... He is a big boy! He also gets some solids (mostly veggies) maybe once every other day or so. My question I guess is, how do I introduce the formula? Can you mix formula and BM? Should I start him with 2 oz. first? Or just give him a whole bottle?

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    That is an insanely huge amt! I would guess he's being overfed, the general rule is 1-1.5 oz per hour away from mom.
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    How long are you away from your child and how much are you pumping? THe outside MOST a child needs in a 24hour period is 32oz. If you are still feeding on demand while together, where is the breakdown? At what point are you not having enough? I think it more than probably is an issue of your DCP overfedding while you are away. How much are you pumping and how much is your DCP requesting?

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    Is that 30-40 oz while you are at work? Or in 24 hours? If it is the first, yes, that is way, way too mitch and 99.99% of moms don't make that much in 24 hours, much less in a work day.

    If it is in 24 hours, then I could see it. My fourth child drank 36 oz of milk every 24 hours from 4-10 months.

    What are you pumping? What is your routine? What kind of pump do you have? Are your horns the right size? There are things you can do to improve your supply.

    IF you feel like you have to give formula, you give BM first and then follow with formula via paced bottlefeeding. Don't mix the two or you have to toss unused BM.

    Is your provider tossing any milk?
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