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Thread: Ebf baby won't take bottle

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    My almost 6 month old Ebf baby won't take a bottle at daycare. Its fresh expressed milk but she seems offended by the very idea of having to eat this way. I've returned to work and work 40 minutes from daycare so I have no options of taking time to nurse her in the middle of the day. She's going 9 hours without eating. Please help. I don't know what to do with her...

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    My son eats just enough to hold him over as well. Do you let her nurse all night long? If so,s he's probably reversed-cycled. She'll be fine. Remember that some babies sleep through the night for 12 hrs without eating/drinking. She can make it 9, especially if she is waking frequently at night! :

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    Maybe you could see if she will take just a little from a sippycup so she gets a little drink!

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