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Thread: Baking with breastmilk?

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    Default Baking with breastmilk?

    Is this ok to do? My DD had a dairy sensitivity and she seems to be tolerating it ok now when I eat it in small amounts, but I am still hesitant to try giving her any dairy directly, or even anything that has dairy in it. She is 9 m/o. So our options are a bit limited in what I can offer her for solids.

    I found this recipe for sweet potato pancakes (scroll down til you see it) that I would love to try but it has butter and milk in it. For the butter I can use soy butter but for the milk I would love to use breastmilk if I can! Is this ok to do? If so, does it matter if it's frozen or fresh? I have excess lipase so everything I have frozen was scalded first - I'm thinking that might be better to use for baking...

    If not EBM, would soy or almond milk be ok to sub for the cow's milk? I know you're supposed to wait on nuts til LO is 1 year, not sure about nut-based milk tho...

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    Default Re: Baking with breastmilk?

    coconut oil and coconut milk for the butter and milk, maybe?

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